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To the Chinese, food is life. It also provides essential health and is a symbol of luck and prosperity. At China King Restaurant, we attempt to provide you with the best Chinese dining experience. A well prepared Chinese meal is expected to appeal to more then just one's sense of taste. It should be pleasing to the eye and with it's color, ingredients should be similar in size and it should have a tempting aroma.

Our chefs will temper these dishes to your personal preference, so please be sure to ask!. Food preperation is but one aspect of the art of Chinese cooking. It's presentation and manner of service are also important in making a total dining experience. At China King Restaurant, we hope you will feel like royality. Sit back...relax...Enjoy! Let the atmosphere envelop you.

Party Tray's Available
Minimum Delivery Orders $30.00 (before taxes) *limited Delivery Area Only*
10% Discount on Pick-up orders over $50.00 ( before taxes)
No discount if paid by credit card or bank card.
No Personal Cheques please!
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